Wapiti Inspections Inc.
Northern Alberta, Southern Alberta, Provincial
Business Overview
Wapiti Inspections Inc., provides Building Envelope services in Alberta. Wapiti is trusted partner, helping our clients succeed as we provide strategic advice on project solutions. We offer exceptional responsiveness and value our local relationships which provide us with sense of accomplishment and a close connection to the local community. Contractors have confidence in and respect our abilities.
Roofs are an integral part of a building envelope. They are typically difficult to access and are often a forgotten building element that needs regular maintenance. Left untreated, small roof leaks can lead to substantial damage to building elements and equipment and can result in significant downtime and premature roof failure. We have the expertise required to help design teams create high performance, cost-effective, durable and environmentally responsible roofing solutions for both new construction and renewal projects. Our areas of expertise include:
• Roof visual or comprehensive assessments • Water leakage testing and investigation
• Research of roofing systems and scalable solutions • Assessment of roof components performance
• Thermography scanning • Repair design services • Preparation of tender documents • Tendering and bid analysis
• Construction review and contract administration • Post-construction warranty review
Phone Number
(403) 688-1206
Roofing Types
Sloped Roof, Ashpalt & Fibreglass, Metal Roofing, Rubber Roofing, Wood Roofing, Flatroof, Single Ply, Asphalt & Gravel Built-Up Roofing, Torch Applied Rolled Roofing
RRC Roofing Consultants
Northern Alberta, Southern Alberta, Provincial
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Suite 208, 132 – 250 Shawville Blvd SE
Calgary, AB
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