1.Who are the current AARA Members?

Click here to view a list of our current members and the services they provide.

2. Who can become a member of the AARA? 

Established and reputable roofing companies that meet and exceed our quality & credential screening process.  We also welcome Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributers and service providers who support the needs of the roofing contractors to join as associate members.

3.  What are the requirements to become a member of the AARA?

Click here to understand our screening process for new members.

4.  Is there a probationary period for new members?

Yes, all members are on probation for a year.  During this time, they must refrain from using the AARA logo and other marketing material.  All members must earn their membership status by continuing to prove their quality work and integrity.  Our service grid indicates which companies are on their 1 year probation.

5.  What are the benefits of becoming an AARA Member?

Click here to see the Benefits fo becoming a Member.

6.  What are the benefits for a customer to choose an AARA member for their roofing project?

There are many benefits for choosing an AARA Member.  Click here to view some of the benefits.

7.  I have moisture staining and/or leaking into my home.  Is this a roofing issue and if so, what should I do?

Condensation is not always a roofing issue.  Read more.


Do you have a question that we have not answered here?  Please feel free to contact us at 1-877-765-0013 or by email aara@albertaroofing.com


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